I’m late in the online shopping game and I feel bad about learning it just recently!

Pre-pandemic me always love shopping and exploring stores by visiting shops physically. I always had this notion that products online tend to be more expensive than physically visiting stores to purchase. I don’t mind allocating time every weekend to accomplish my shopping and errand list but the underlying risks of going out scares the hell out of me. And I’ve always thought that short trips to the mall help me save better.

And I was wrong!

Aside from the convenience of adding all the items you need in the cart, there are a lot of Grab discount coupons for consumers to use! Best part? You can get your items after you’ve placed your order! Awesome, right?!

For moms like me who’s still not comfortable going out, this is absolutely one of the best things I’ve discovered since pandemic happened. Who knew we could have everything we need with just few clicks on our phones?

What’s inside my bag?

So I got all these beauty and wellness essentials from Watsons via Grab Mart!wide variety of brands and products to choose from! I got hair care essentials, vitamins, body soap, skin care and so much more that can help me take care of myself better without stressing too much about shopping for items that I need!

I’m currently using Watson’s vitamins, Alcospray, and facial masks! I LOVE IT!

And they have promo surprises, especially during paydays! You can get as big as 30% off when you order via Grab mart app! All you have to do is download Grab, make sure the app is up to date, then head over to Watsons and find the nearest branch to cater to your location.

Then add to cart all the items that spark you joy, haha! Treat yourself momma because you deserve it! Don’t forget to tip your rider!

Are you into online shopping too? Comment below your experience!