Slow, intentional + grateful living ✨

It’s been about two years since I learned about slow living movement, practicing gratitude and it has made my life better.

What is this exactly?

— Realizing that the stuff we do when we aren’t “doing” is what really matters

— accepting that life is short and our moments are SPEEDILY ticking by

— appreciating small wins and moments

— accepting daily hardships of life and keeping an eye out for that silver lining

— finding what you were meant to learn from the mess and use it to help you be a better person

— frugal, green, intentional habits and living

Here I am, taking a short break to appreciate myself for working hard and always TRYING to be a better wife, mom, and person in this lifetime. 🥰

How about you? What is the best thing you’ve learned about yourself so far? ✨