Have you ever had Pink Chocolate cookies before?

Chef Kirk Ngo of Fet Boys did something amazing! After making the first-ever Coffee Butterscotch Cookie, he is now launching his newest creation, the Prettier than Pink Cookies.

Ruby Chocolate is the 4th type of Chocolate that is accepted as “real chocolate.” This is derived from
Ruby Cacao beans that give it its natural pink color.

Ruby Chocolate is unique because of its distinct taste characterized by fruity notes and a visible and natural pink color. After Dark, Milk, and White chocolate, Ruby is the newest chocolate variant in the market and is about to become the next big thing. Cool, right!?

Chef Kirk of Fet Boys successfully launched his sweet masterpiece of Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies that were as big as a regular guy’s palm and it was an instant hit! He made over 5000 pieces of giant cookies in 2020.

For someone who bakes and used to sell cookies, I know the feeling of successfully creating a unique and stellar product. I mean, pink chocolate! Who knew this is going to be a thing and I’m not even complaining. I’m truly in awe of how creators and innovators whip up something amazing!

Are you also interested to try this? You can check out their menu to find other variants they offer!

May be an image of dessert and text that says 'f @FetBoys FET BOYS COOKIES COOKIES THAT HUG Too Much Chocolate Chip Cookies @FetBoysPH Prettier Than Pink Cookies Coffee Butterscotch Cookies BROWNIES Cashew Plain Walnut BOX OF 8 Plain P450 Cashew P500 Walnut P500 GiANT Box of 6 P800 Box of 8 P1,000 Box of 12 P1,500 REGULAR Box of 12 P480 Box of 18 P780 Box of 24 P1,080 ALL-IN-ONE BOX P800 Includes 4PCS each Plain Brownies, Too Much Chocolate Chip, Coffee Butterscotch, and Prettier Than Û ASSORTED BOX OF 8 (4 pieces each) Plain & Walnut P480 Plain & Cashew P480 Cashew & Walnut P500'

Grab a box of the Fet Boys cookies and find out why it is considered the best-kept secret of the North and South! To order, message them through their Facebook Page.