WiFi Mesh System vs WiFi Repeater

Last March 10, we received a call from PLDT Home informing us that we’re qualified to try their latest Home Mesh Wifi system. I got curious because we’ve had this wifi dead spot issues in our second-floor rooms. We have a branded wifi repeater placed on our stairs but it doesn’t really help and I’m stuck with staying downstairs to work with tasks that require heavy usage of the internet.

After one week, we finally got the units! They delivered it for free, too!

The model we got is AC1200 Whole Home Mesh Wifi System and one unit can give seamless coverage up to 1200 square feet!

If I’m not mistaken, this is an additional P200/month on top of our monthly bill and will be fully-paid after 24 months. They said it’ll reflect on our bill after a month. Got the other unit for free too! 🤩

As instructed by their agent, the first unit should be placed beside the main modem. Then, the second unit should be placed where you need seamless internet coverage. So for us, we placed the second unit on our staircase near the second room where my husband’s office is.

It also comes with a FREE app with on screen directions to help you set-up within minutes.

As of date, we have not experienced any internet lag, disconnection or interruption especially when we watch or play games in our rooms compared when we rely and used wifi repeater.

I checked their website and they have new plan offerings!

Is it worth the try?

YES! If you have WiFi dead spot problem like ours, it’s worth a try. Once you do, give it a week to see if it REALLY works and find a strategic location in your home for seamless internet coverage.

Did you avail this PLDT WiFi Mesh System already? Share your thoughts with me on the comment box below!

*** Not a sponsored post. The statements and review here are based on my experience from using this product.