I’ve slowly manifested my way to infinite abundance, peace, and happiness when I started doing this ritual last year.

I was lost, broken, and suffering from depression. I started learning more of myself when I delve into astrology and my tiny family noticed how I became better as days went by. ✨

All you need to do is BELIEVE, AFFIRM and SURRENDER.

Before doing all this, you need to do your work and the universe will help you find yourself. ✨ Start by doing some shadow work, surrender all the what-ifs, manifest while you do the grind 👌🏻

So every New Moon, do this BayLeaf ritual and take note of your current situation now and be ready to compare it with your future self in 6 months. ✨

Want to learn more about astrology? Let me help you get started and share with you what I learned.

Want to try tarot reading? Check your current energy and learn more about yourself by booking Tarot Couture by Bernice👌🏻

May you be blessed this month! And so it is! ✨