Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to industrial and commercial waste, enticing consumers to be on-trend and shop whenever they can. So where does the other stuff go when it’s not “in” anymore? Yes, into the trash.

Good thing there are changemakers like Neil & Bon.

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Last 2019, I met Neil & Marter at our Christmas fair at Podium. I’m a fan of their creations and was so psyched to have them on board and be part of our merchant list. Aside from their intricate designs, what truly fascinated me is their purpose and advocacy behind every creation.

A social enterprise that creates pieces for modern fashionistas who don’t put a price on style.

They source out scraps of leather from the Fashion and Furniture industries, which is the biggest contributor to industrial waste. They want to make a change and lessen it with the aid of their creative minds, giving life to the leathers that once also had life, turning it into a wearable repurposed fashion piece. A piece that is fashion-forward.

Aside from their successful crowdfunding last year with The Spark Project, here’s another jaw-dropping creation by one of the founders of Neil & Marter.

The wearable “Dyip” Heels by Neil & Mark Boni Marter. These aesthetic wearable heels have Toy-like features with Neil’s playful design ethos while Bon’s design background gave that structured, architectural, and de Stijl reference for color blocking.

About the shoes: The design was made March 2020 in the middle of the Philippine Jeepney modernization issue. Bon’s reminiscent of his college days was that Jeepney Drivers were one of his heroes. He was able to graduate with the help of drivers giving him a lift for free from his school to his home.

Neil & Marter dedicate this shoe to all of our hardworking drivers out there and we want to thank the Jeepney Drivers for inspiring us to design this footwear.

Visit their Facebook and Instagram to support them and know more about their advocacy.