A Cold Brew Coffee with a twist!

I’m a coffee person. My usual coffee fix is a strong blend or a blend infused with Mocha. Hot or iced? Name it, I’ll drink it! Luckily, there are so many cold brew and coffee bean options in the market now. But it’s the MSMEs who need dire support especially now that we’re still in this endless quarantine.

Introducing Food by Bobby Chili Cold Brew Coffee!

I availed the introductory promo bundle and it’s WORTH IT. 🤤

If you’ve tried Sili Ice Cream before, you’ll know this isn’t to make it “spicy” but more on adding the ‘kick’ and giving a spice boost to complement the strong coffee blend.

I’ve tried to consume it as is but I prefer it with milk and more ice ‘coz the heat in Manila is driving me insane. 🥵 Will I buy it again? OF COURSE! I definitely enjoyed a unique coffee experience and I love how subtle their homemade chili syrup taste is and the richness of their coffee blend.

It’s only P100/bottle, P270 for a bundle of three, and P450 for a bundle of five. Why settle for one bottle if you can stock up and let their cold brew kick you to be awake and productive?! 🤣

Get your coffee fix here 👉🏻Food by Bobby

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