Sometimes due to overwhelming daily chaos we need to tame and tackle, we tend to overlook the basic stuff especially now that we’re in a new normal set-up, everyone’s still recovering and coping.

Do you wear many hats while fulfilling daily household chores, work, and balancing life with family? You’re not alone. It took me some time to figure out how I can destress and unload the baggage I’ve been carrying since March 2020. In order for me to become efficient and productive, self-care should come FIRST.

I know, it sounds cliche and BS but it’s really not about the grandiose and expensive ways but self-care actually quite basic and simple.

Self-care is about giving ourselves the same grace, love, comfort, compassion, and care that we give to others. Sounds simple, right? But why can’t we give it to ourselves? Simple. We feel guilty in prioritizing ourselves and that’s understandable but this has to STOP. If we give too much of ourselves and leave nothing, how can we still function well?

How do you take care of yourself?

Do you want to drink Milk tea? Satisfy your food craving? Start a new hobby? Newsflash: You’re on the right path! This 2021, comfort yourself with simple things that will make you feel alive and loved again. Remember, love yourself first!

To help you start your 2021 right, I created a self-care checklist you need to fulfill before this year ends. Simple self tasks that will help you nurture, explore, and start feeling better again. Save it, print it, use it, share it — it’s for you. Start loving life again and be free from your anxious thoughts.